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Fri 11. Mar 2016, 21:57

  • To make it as short as possible and also clear as possible:

    we are forced as administrators to delete spam and spamming users as fast as possible, and until now we were able to wipe out this successful with the methods we are able to use!

    Please notice: if you are registering, please become a part of the community, at least by serious posting, commenting and maybe even adding your own work!

    Non-active users with 0 posts are deleted three months after registering, different rules are valid for minor-posting members or members who stop posting but already have a certain number of serious posts!

    Maybe you will see it as a restrictive policy, but we only want to provide a secure and familiar place where you are able to see new, innovative, interesting and maybe also curious science-fiction/fantasy stuff.

    Thank you.
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