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Sun 15. Feb 2015, 02:45

  • As it turns out I made a miss calculation. It doesn't happen a lot but it does happen.
    I failed to put in enough mess/lounge space on decks 5 & 4 so I have revised decks 3 & 2P to have some. They originally had little or none. Decks 5 & 4 should have provided 400 seats (+ reserves) to cover the busiest time in the morning. But deck 5 barely fit over a hundred and deck 4 less than 200 where there should be 254. So I added them to the last section of the pylon where it starts to get extremely flat. That's why I never wanted to put anything there in the first place. It's cramped and is a bit of a stretch I guess. I added more batteries for the heck of it. Deck 3 Battery reserve power totals 16.77312 x 10^12 megajoules.

    The jeffries are forcing me to revise the original arrangements. I had estimated it take about 10% of the effected area but it's more like 20-30%. As far as statistics go I seem to spend the work load on
    60% reduce & fixing conversion trash, I got 3.4% filesize left after cleanup worse than the expected ratio of 6:72 :(
    25% new frame members
    10% positioning/precision/angular angles
    5% new stuff/additions/revisions

    So here's deck 4. There's some wasted space that could be optimized by re-arranging the turbolift network from deck 3 but it would mean a zigzag drive with the lift & more maintenance. *shurgs*

    B: upper space Arboretum/Garden/Park
    C: upper space competition gymnaisum/conference hall/theatre/ballroom
    D: Hydroponic
    E: central distribution; Filter; purge; support systems; supply shafts
    F: multipurpose science lab
    G: Sensor room
    H: Humanitarian Equipment; humanitarian demining operations
    i: agricultural equipment
    J: sapling regeneration bank; mini seed bank: (type III: 50 species for 10 years of harvest or 600 species for 5 years)
    Potential for rapid expansion of populations into disturbed habitats with the capacity to persist as dormant seeds when circumstances are not immediately favorable to colonization.
    K: construction equipment
    L: mining equipment
    M: Field equipment
    N: SAR equipment
    P: Nitrogen filter/generator
    Q: detention center
    R: batteries; total 25.15968 x 10^12 megajoules
    S: Security center; lounge/briefing-/ready-room
    T: Science lab
    U: Scientific material storage (non-hazard)
    V: Scientific equpment
    W: Air filter/recycling
    X: Waste processor
    Y: extra personnel storage for Decks 4, 3, 2P
    Z: lounge
    1: central stairhouse
    2: central turbolift shaft aft
    3: central turbolift shaft fore
    4: main elevator shaft
    5: main deuterium tank
    6: upper escape pod section; escapepod shaft
    7: escape pod; escapepod shaft
    8: auxiliary tank

    The other decks are extremely complicated so it might take a long time. Though deck 5 is nearly done just decks 6 & 7 are holding things back.
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Mon 16. Feb 2015, 05:03

Mon 16. Feb 2015, 22:32

Tue 17. Feb 2015, 14:22

  • Thanks guys.
    I'll try to get it all done this time. :D

    btw. if the images are too small I could try a better scale. So far this scale seem to give the best between not-too-small and not-too-large. And for some reason it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to export the bitmap images. *shrugs*
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Thu 19. Feb 2015, 03:23

  • I have found a way to re-arrange and make the competition gymnasium larger (Decks 4&5). Don't misunderstand, the original design is perfectly fine. It's large enough to fit in a national/international basketball court plus some (30x20m). Only it's kind of small for other purposes. I need it to be 3-5 meters longer. The old arrangement would allow the change and it's not really a space problem but it would get in the way of other intended purposes like movement/maneuvering of cargo or getting too close to the cargo lifts such that there's no walkway.
    After a bunch of trials I found a way to keep everything in working order but it will require (minor) changes to 4 decks and it will be no longer symmetric (not that I care that much). It won't be ugly but asymmetry is... well just not nice looking.

    However, I would like to know what you guys think.
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Mon 9. Mar 2015, 06:11

  • Alright, here are the alternative plans for decks 3 & 4 with slight improvements and corrections.
    I have decided to reintroduce a turbolift loop to the pylons. I have cut them before after the carrier change. It was purely out of fear I would need the extra volume to accommodate moved rooms.


    Deck 4 got one more science lab :D Not quite happy about stuffing the space before the main stair well but sacrifices need to be done for the sake of science. :P


    B: floor Arboretum/Garden/Park
    B1: support systems
    B2: gardening equipment room
    C: floor competition gymnasium/conference hall/theatre/ballroom 30x20m prof. basktball court 28.6512x15.24m (94'x50')
    C1: stage
    C2: backstage
    D: event support rooms
    D1: Band room
    D2: Choir room
    D3: changing room
    E: central distribution; Filter; purge; support systems; supply shafts; cryogen systems
    F: science lab
    G: central bioreactor/purification system
    H: batteries; total 27.55584 x 10^12 megajoules
    i: reserve gas tanks
    J: holodeck
    K: holosuit
    L: holodeck support systems; energy converters etc.
    M: PE gymnasium/game room 12x19.8m; storage rooms
    N: auxiliary gymnasium; sectionable; storage rooms
    N1: security practice/martial art section
    N2: practice section
    N3: weight section
    P: VIP/diplomatic storage
    Q: set storage/design & art storage
    1: central stairhouse
    2: central turbolift shaft aft
    3: central turbolift shaft fore
    4: main elevator shaft
    5: main deuterium tank
    6: supply cargo lift shaft
    7: wardroom
    8: VIP quarters
    9: crew mess/ball room
    10: escape pod; escape pod shaft
    11: workbee airlock/storage
    12: crew lounge/bar
    13: security center; public counter; office; monitoring room/crisis center
    14: inertial damping field generator
    15: transporter room
    16: emergency transporter room
    17: science/research simulation programming; science-lab independent work

    Ah, forgot the forklifter...

    Decks 1P, 2P, A coming soon. Only need coloring and some finer tuning.
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Thu 26. Mar 2015, 02:05

  • Sorry for the delay. A relative passed away and the funeral was on last weekend.
    I will keep this short to catch up on other things, too.


    Deck 02P
    A: VAC=vacuum room (vital feature)
    B: phaser range
    C: weaponry security
    D: gunsmith workshop
    E: mess/lounge
    F: batteries: 25.15968 x 10^12 megajoules
    G: Bulk Stow/unsorted spare parts storage
    H: unsorted spare parts storage
    i: emergency storage
    J: engineering spare parts
    K; lower impulse engine room
    W: air filter/recycling
    X: waste processor
    1: weapons storage
    2: Warp Booster System
    3: emergency lockers
    4: auxiliary inertial damping field generator
    5: force field generator
    6: primary shield generator
    7: (one) primary structural integrity generator with 16 gravity sources
    8: antimatter tank; 12 cubic meters; ejection hatch to the bottom
    9: deuterium tank; 113 cubic meters
    10: lift to upper engine room
    11: impulse engine; 3x fusion reactors, each rated at 3*10^7 to 0.3*10^10 megawatts
    12: ejection/loading hatch; lift
    13: auxiliary microfusion reactors


    Deck 01P
    A: gas separation/filtering/recovering systems for air reclamation
    B: air filter/recycling
    C: atmospheric gas storage
    D: primary subspace comm 5
    E: (50 unassigned) managed collection-storage-tanks for filtered-out gas/substances
    F: batteries: 25.15968 x 10^12 megajoules
    G; upper impulse engine room
    1: Warp Booster System, high bay
    2: primary shield generator


    Deck 0A
    A: Vacuum room/Van space/future expansion
    B: emergency log room
    C: upper impulse engine room high bay
    D: transporter lower support room
    E: (workbee) airlock
    F: cargo bays
    1: Emergency Subspace Beacon launcher; angeled at 45
    2: return log warp probe ejector
    3: catwalk
    4: plasma purge vent
    5: auxiliary navigational deflector
    6: specialized tachyon array
    7: specialized positron array
    8: antimatter tube container
    9: ejection hatch
    10: lift
    11: loading/ejection hatch
    12: antimatter tank on ceiling rails; 12 cubic meters; 2 standard; 3 max.


    Deck 0B
    A: contingency support section
    B: berth with stacked bunks (2x-3x)
    C: mess
    D: waste recycling
    E: waste reprocessing
    F: environment control/air filtering&recovery
    G: (emergency) waste recycling
    H: batteries; 28.75392 x 10^12 megajoules
    i: transporter room
    J: computer cores
    1: subspace field generator; subspace field amplifier
    2: memory trunk
    3: cargo lift
    4: auxiliary structural integrity field generator
    5: auxiliary inertial damping field generator
    6: auxiliary shield generator
    7: fire suppression system
    8: auxiliary fusion reactors, each rated at 1.25*10^7 to 1.25*10^10 megawatts
    9: deuterium tanks for fusion reactors & torpedoes; one is dual use : cooling surge tank

    The rest is more or less "done" but I will take my sweet time with decks 6-10. Like I said a long time ago the Akira is too small to get everything inside even if it's large compared to a human.
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Thu 26. Mar 2015, 10:05

  • a lot of interesting stuff! great work
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Fri 27. Mar 2015, 01:03

  • I am sorry to hear that, Almael!

    Aside, good to see new stuff here again!
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Wed 1. Apr 2015, 22:35

  • Thank you. There's still some chaos in the aftermath. I just hope it ends well.

    Back to the topic.
    It appears I wasn't in the right mind set and made a mistake for deck B. How could I forget the RCS cluster? Added the slopping indication to deck C.


    Deck 0C
    A: ordnance resupply port (workbee airlock, very tight)
    B: extra ordnance bay
    C: probe maintenance/workshop
    D: torpedo maintenance/workshop
    E: replicator system; recycling; 82.17 tonnes bio matter tank
    F: 270 tonnes water tank; (unassigned) alternative atmospheric tanks
    G: bulk cargo
    H: bulk cargo port airlock
    1: transfer parking lots for robotic transport system; robot rail network on ceiling
    2: (bulk) cargo lifts/elevators
    3: C type/shaped vertical conveyor elevator (from deck C to deck D)
    4: explosive bolts; weapons pod serves as lifeboat
    5: removable fusion reactor top shield
    6: access ramp hatch (highlighted for visibility)
    7: primary tractor beam generator
    8: primary tractor beam
    9: forklift (2x tractor beam, antigrav propulsion) small enough to fit in standard corridors
    10: transport robot transfer hatch (from deck C to deck D)

    ordnance listing (not stacked)[max. 3x stacked]
    4 class II
    4 class III
    4 class IV
    5 class V
    4 class VI
    5 class VII
    5 class VIII
    5 class IX
    +5 extra torpedo
    2x40 + 20 photon torpedoes [25% increase]
    Originally, the total number fit those widely given but I saw it more fitting in this arrangement.
    Even though more than a thousand torpedoes could be transported it's a waste if the ship doesn't have much battle endurance.
    Imho it's a light cruiser compared to contemporary Nebula class or medium at best compared to old Ambassadors.
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Wed 1. Apr 2015, 22:39

  • RPG-D0D0[25]indexed.png

    Deck 0D
    A: forklift maintenance/workshop
    B: conveyor maintenance/workshop
    C: transport robot maintenance/workshop
    D: control room
    E: changing room
    F: torpedo launcher maintenance/workshop
    G: phaser control
    H: spare parts storage
    i: (reserve) transport robot parking area
    1: C type/shaped vertical conveyor elevator (from deck D to deck E)
    2: transport robot transfer hatch (from deck C to deck D)
    3: transport robot transfer hatch (from deck D to deck E)
    4: Type X phaser array (20 phaser array segments; [5 emitter segments each; 5x3 emitters each])
    5: emergency capacitance bank
    6: flexible transfer conveyor

    ordnance listing (not stacked)[max. 3x stacked]
    2x40 + 20 photon torpedoes [25% increase]

    With Star Trek technology having huge power sources there isn't really a need for capacitors. They are not even mentioned in the original TNG TM. However, I do see a need if the ship's been shot up such that main power can't deliver the necessary energy surge level needed for weapons and other high demand systems. So I added some and assigned them for emergencies. There is no need for many since the ship will be already near dead. They need some recharge time but can provide higher energy surges than batteries. Not that batteries are slow, batteries are fine for accelerators cannons but e.g. not good enough for picosecond laser pulses...

    As to phasers, I think there's some confusion in the TNG TM. It seems phaser array segments and phaser emitter segments have been confused. From the information a phaser array segment is about 4.1 m long, while the drawing for the emitter segment suggest that 5 such segments fit into one array segment. Coincidentally, the DS9 TM p.82
    says this about Type X improvement
    updated fire control algorithms allow multiple segments to combine the beam energies of up to six segments.

    Regardless, estimates
    phaser array mass: 9426.3 tonnes
    cooling requirement for 10.35 MW excess heat [or 155.25 MW if I'm right about the segment]:
    minimum 31.42 tonnes He
    minimum 2618.43 tonnes LN2 or 47x 70 cubic meters tanks but there's only space for 4 :lol:


    Deck 0E STANDARD configuration!
    A: forward torpedo launcher emplacements
    B: batteries; 14.37696 x 10^12 megajoules
    C: aft torpedo launcher emplacements
    D: aft sensors
    1: flexible multi-lane loader
    2: ready to load FIFO cell rack (2x stacked; max. 3x stacked)
    3: RCS
    4: conveyor
    5: emergency lockers
    6: basic dumb firing arc (e.g. visual) for maximum range

    ordnance listing (2x stacked)[max. 3x stacked]
    4x(2x2x5) photon torpedoes
    4x(2x5) quantum torpedoes
    4x(2x4x5) reserve spaces
    2x cell lane for probes (e.g. max. 10 class IX)
    4x(2x2x5) photon torpedoes
    4x(2x2x5) reserve spaces
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Thu 2. Apr 2015, 00:57



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