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Sat 16. Aug 2014, 17:15

  • It is a great honor for me to announce that Christoph Hahne, better known as "Picard" here at, was awarded with the Club Royal Bronze Membership of the Grand Duchy of Ahlensteyn, and that he was additionally granted the honored rank of a Grand Premier.

    It is the highest rank you may reach within the Club Royal hierarchy, it is granted only once per year, and Picard got the 2015 bronze promotion. The promotion was scheduled forwards to the date of August 15, 2014 owing to the outrageous work the decorated one did here with all members, the forum itself and the posted stuff.

    Picard, please check your emails! :D
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Sat 16. Aug 2014, 18:28

Sun 17. Aug 2014, 18:26

  • thanks a lot to you both guys. Deif for your congratulations and Kmpr´rak for the award! I newer earned something like this before and it really means a lot to me.

    By the way it is a pleasure to help and I am very happy to work with such great graphic artists like you together. So I did not do all that to get an award.

    But nevertheless I am very happy to have it now...
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Sun 17. Aug 2014, 20:05

Thu 21. Aug 2014, 15:41


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